Thursday, May 19, 2011

SOI Exhibition, The Museum of American Illustration, NYC

It feels good to be back in the grind !!!

I have just returned to Mexico City after a week in NYC and CT. I had a great visit, celebrating a piece featured this year in the 2011 Society of Illustrators Student Competition Exhibit. The piece selected comes form a series of 6 fine art objects as illustrated social critique, created under TM Davy during my final semester at SVA.

The Exhibition was super great, Fantastic art! Great opportunity to re-connect with old friends and meet the faces behind the blogs and websites that I stalk on a daily basis ;)
On a side note, it was super interesting to see so many pieces as digital prints, rather than physical art objects. Why?

Artists that gave my hair a rise and brought a tear to my eye where, Tran Nguyen, Y.N. Heller (aka Buster Broadway), Billy Norrby, and my friend Kyle Scott. Ya'll Ar' Sooo Good!!! Congrats Guys!!

Thank You to my friends and family who came out for the event. 
It was so fun sharing this with you.
Below are images from the event.

Peace and Luck from Below the Border 

Exhibition Certificate

Featured Art

Marshall Arisman makes a guest appearance!

Gil Ashby is awarded Distinguished Educator in the Arts