Monday, June 27, 2011

Jonathan Beer @ Flowers Gallery, Chelsea, NYC

White Atelier I
oil on panel, 14"x24"
Jonathan Beer

WRC Illustration is taking a little break from Mexico and visiting the United States for the month of July.
And my calendar is already filled with more events than I can attend!

Right off the bat,  I attended an open reception on June 23rd for the
New York Academy of Art 5th Annual Summer Exhibition at Flowers Gallery in Chelsea. The work was super, a lot of human form and figure, a lot of beautiful craftsmanship. The whole collection was part paint, part pencil, part instillation, part big, part small, and part FRESH!

Featured in the show was a friend and colleague from SVA, Jonathan Beer.
He is currently taking masters classes at the New York Academy of Art, and had two pieces shown alongside new work by more than 50 established and emerging artists. The show selection was juried by Matthew Flowers, Carter Foster, and Julie Heffernan. Former jurists include Eric Fischl, Jenny Saville, Will Cotton,  and David Salle.

The work will be up till August 6th, SO GO and SEE IT.
You won't be disappointed!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Steven Brodner's BICYCLE features WRC Illustration

This horrible story about the torture and murder of a young boy by his government out of Syria can be read here.
My image and text response has been featured on Steven Brodner's BICYCLE (website), as part of his ongoing Human Rights Art Project. 

WRC on

syrian hands protest_rough

syria for syrians_final_scan

Hamza al-Khatib holding syria_rough

Hamza al-Khatib holding syria_final_scan

combined layout_rough

character heads_final_scan



Every US president, starting with Richard Nixon and ending with Bill Clinton has paid Damascus, the capitol of Syria, an official state visit. This tradition came to an end with Bush the Lesser, the invention of the Axis of Evil, and the implementation of his doctrine. For Bush, problems in the middle east do not concern Israeli occupation of Arabic land, but stems from terrorism. And according to the Bush doctrine, terrorist groups are tied to petty Arabic despots, allowing them to continue oppression over their people. This of course continues the cycle that because these peoples are oppressed, terrorists are made and continue to attack targets.  Since democratic governments tend to be friendly to Israel and the west, the administration took action introducing and forcing “democracy” into the region, rather than help solve the occupation issues. The results of this of course have been a complete failure, simply furthering the tragedy and disaster befallen the Iraqi and Afghani peoples.
Now with Obama, the doctrine has shifted to one where the people of the middle east are allowed to elect any government they choose, just as long as the administration approves. If the US does not approve of the power, than sever penalizations and sanctions are made against the nation. So, is Syria a democracy according to the US western standards?
Is this a good thing?
Especially since it finally appears that evolution is growing from within the nation itself. The praying on frustrations of Arab youth, by both their own governments and governments abroad, seems to be sparking revolution across the region. The recent mutilation and murder of 13 year old, Hamza al-Khatib, by his own government, has only served to further move Syrian peoples against Bahsar al-Assad and his security forces. Socially, economically, educationally, and politically, the future promises progress for Syria, and Hamza al-Khatib is a symbol of that promise. Syria deserves a better future. And though true democracy is an unattainable ideal, the Arab world has already demanded that Libyan Colonel Moammar Qaddafi step down, along with Yemen’s Ali Saleh. It seems only a matter of time until popular demands against Bashar al-Assad reach the same intensity. To these young Syrian revolutionaries, I say the sky only is the limit. Peace between the Arabs and Israel is inevitable. Political progress, political modernization, more democracies, more freedoms, are inevitable. Even at this very moment, with mandates out of the ICC, and the coalitions in Brussels and Antalya, and the defections of Syrian troops, I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the end for al-Assad. My hope is that the leaderless Syrian uprising might find itself headed by a young, peaceful symbol who promises results previously unknown to the nation and to Arabia, as they continue to cultivate their Spring.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hamza al-Khateeb, Tortured and Killed_ Thumbnails

Thumbnail sketches for a new illustration im thinking about. 
The story revolves around the horrible story out of Syria and a young boy 
that was killed by his government. 
You can read the story here.


thumbnails_ 1 - 6

thumbnails_ 1 - 13

thumbnails_ 14-19

thumbnails_ 20_ jasmine