Thursday, March 3, 2016

jennathings: finkspiration: owlyjules: I am sorry BUT THIS IS NOT JUST “GERMAN” PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THE NAME OF THE ARTIST. THIS WONDERFUL MOVIE WAS MADE BY LOTTE REINIGER! SHE WAS ONE OF THE PIONEERS OF ANIMATION!!!! SHE MADE OVER 40 FILMS IN HER CAREER USING A TECHNIQUE SHE INVENTED WITH HER HUSBAND! WALT DISNEY ENDED USING HER MULTI PLANE TECHNIQUE IN HIS OWN MOVIES! AND SHE FUCKING MADE THE FIRST FEATURE LENGTH ANIMATED MOVIE!! (she ended up fleeing Nazi germany eventually work in north america, both us and canada, on other movies.) Originally posted by natureboygifs Originally posted by natureboygifs This woman is one of the most important figures in animation HISTORY! Have a little memoriam movie the animation school Goblin did in her honor. Look, I love Winsor McCay but I’m extremely pissed that my animation history class in college focused on him and did not mention Lotte Reiniger at all. Lotte Reiniger is SO FUCKING AMAZING OKAY.

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