Monday, June 13, 2016

“Today I’m going to sparkle… I’m going to crank up vintage disco music and dance in my underwear while lip synching The Weather Girls legendary hit ‘It’s Raining Men’. I’m going to kiss my boyfriend before hopping on my imaginary unicorn (aka: the subway) and heading to the office. Today I’m going to dress my little dog in a pink tutu and sashay down Christopher Street in short shorts while shouting out to strangers 'you look faaabulous’ (even if they don’t). Today I’m going to call my best guy friends and when they answer the phone I’m gonna scream 'HEY GIRL’ (even if they’re straight). Today I’m going to plan summer trips to P-Town and Fire Island and Mykonos. Today I’m going to go rollerskating down the West Side wearing a rainbow afro wig with a 'My Pretty Pony’ T-shirt’ while eating an ice-cream cone. Today I’m going to hum Broadway tunes, buy leather chaps, watch Drag Race, read Vogue, have a cosmo with lunch, buy tickets to a musical, get a mani / pedi and wave a rainbow flag. Today I’m going to be ME in honor of 49 friends that I never got to meet and 53 new friends who I hope to meet someday…” - Robert Verdi via Instagram

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